Who are the WSMBA?

The Widows Sons offices are manned by volunteers, they are elected annually and provide assistance and guidance to the governing body of the Widows Sons of Great Britain, which consists of these gentlemen plus the presidents of all the individual chapters.

Peter Younger

National Chairman W. Bro Peter joined Freemasonry in 1994. He is a past Master of 5 lodges, and the Royal Arch, as well as other orders.

He got his first motorbike at the age of 12 swapping it with a friend for a guitar.

Peter was founding president of the Northumberland Chapter of the WSMBA and has been the Grand Chairman since 2011.

He rides two bikes, a Harley Davidson Heritage Softail and a BMW FG650GS, and has a hard-tail chop in the garage for sunny days and tarmac roads.

Gregory 'Prepschool' Kirby

National Vice Chairman and Secretary, W. Bro Greg started riding to work as a teenager and then returned to two wheels after getting bored of being stuck in London traffic jams. Joined Masonry in 1983, HRA in 1985, and is always in office in both.

A firm believer in the combination of Masonry and Motorcycles and the ambience and brotherly affection that it embraces. Rides a Harley for the long hauls, rain or shine, and a Honda for commuting.

The AJS Model 31 is the retirement project.

Martin 'Mandown' Ward

National Treasurer W. Bro Martin has been a freemason since 1996. He is a member of three different orders, a past master in all of them, but enjoys his Mark masonry the most.

Martin passed his bike test after four tries, which proves that you can do anything you put your mind to... eventually.

His garage contains five motorcycles, three are his and two, his children's. Sometimes he gets them all out just to remember what 'garage space' actually means. 1

John 'Grumpy' Perridge

National Almoner 'Grumpy' has been with the Widows Sons since 2012, originally a member of the now-disbanded National Chapter before becoming a founder of the East Midlands chapter. He has been a Mason since 1994 and during that time has been a Craft WM twice. He is also in the Holy Royal Arch, Mark, & other side orders.
John is currently the Almoner for two Lodges and a Visiting Volunteer for the Masonic Charitable Foundation.
On two wheeled history John borrowed and rode his Dad's CB250 Honda first time at 14 and got caught. First legal bike at 17 was a Honda C90 and he's never stopped riding. He currently rides Triumph Explorer 1200 and a Yamaha Roadstar 1600. There are also some others hiding in the garage that Mrs P doesn't know about.

National Communications and Media Team

Backing up the leadership team are a group of Brethren who ensure that we maintain a good public face at all times, making contacting us and seeing what we are doing easy for all.

Martin 'Mandown' Ward

As well as being the Treasurer 'Mandown' is a member of the Communications team.

Clive Andrews-Lewis

W. Bro Clive Andrews-Lewis has been a freemason since 2004, is currently the serving master in Legge Lodge, the Staffordshire Motorcyclists Lodge and a past Master of two other lodges, whilst also in his second term as “Eminent Preceptor” of his Knights Templar Priory. Clive has been biking non-stop since he was 16, passing his test way back in 1979. He is a founder, Past President and current Secretary of the West Midlands Chapter. Clive is lucky to have three bikes – a BMW K1300GT, a Honda Firestorm and a 1973 Suzuki GT550K.

Richard Webber

W. Bro Richard joined the craft in 2009 and is a  past Master of his mother lodge. As well as being a member of another craft Lodge and the Royal Arch he is also the Information Officer for the PGL of Down in N. Ireland. He was an avid fan of Charlie and Ewan's bike trips growing up and followed in their footsteps with his love for adventure bikes and travelling. Currently President of Widows Sons MBA Ireland.

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